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Our story

myECO is a startup engaged in electricity saving smart home technology solutions with IoT/internet of things-based automatic power-saving device solutions. Founded on October 27, 2020 under the name myECO Teknologi Nusantara which is engaged in the information technology sector based in Malang. 

With the motto “Save your OUTgo with myECO” myECo is here to focus on saving electricity by reducing customer electricity bills and the ultimate goal of forming a culture of saving electricity.

Of the 12 types of products available, myECO has won awards in more than 25 national and international events. In addition, myECO has also complied with patents, copyrights and brand rights to protect the company’s rights.

One of the leading innovation products called Smart EcoRoom is an IoT (Internet of Things)-based automatic power-saving device solution with savings of up to 55%.

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Why should we be your choice

With the passion to contribute to saving electricity and the creation of smarthomes in Indonesia, we want to always maintain the security of each of our users’ data

Servers in Indonesia

Our server is located in Indonesia, so all data from the user remains on the local server in Indonesia

Safe and reliable

We will always try to maintain the safety and trust of our users

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