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myeco helps you reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort

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Creating a
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myECO is a startup engaged in electricity saving smart home technology solutions with AI internet of things-based automatic power-saving device solutions

Why should we be your choice

With a passion to contribute to reducing electricity wastage and creating environmentally friendly electricity in Indonesia, we always want to bring the best innovations to myECO customers.

With Advanced IoT Technology Features


Set on/off by day & hour schedule easily via APP

Control Features

control your electrical devices at home from anywhere and anytime


turn on/off your power based on the Countdown Timer


keep the device working when the internet is down

How We

Electrical devices that are still on due to forgetfulness, laziness or distance constraints to turn off, automate myECO to turn it off when not needed, resulting in savings and a decrease in electricity bills.

Ease of operation features

It is very important for users to access our features, both applications and websites, for that we create designs that can be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

Our solution for reducing your bill!

By creating the Super App one stop solution of modern AIoT technology, we believe that the problem of wasting electricity can be reduced.

Smart KWH

Smart KWH will help you find out the total KWH expenditure and electricity costs in real time

Home Analysis AI

find out which devices need to be used according to room conditions only with the Application

IoT technology

We have IoT products that allow you to control electrical devices from anywhere

Non-IoT Products

Non-IoT products as supporting IoT products in saving electricity without internet with the help of sensors


Control home electrical appliances with manual, timer, schedule and automatic mode options from anywhere


Easily know the state of the device on and off, electricity costs to forcasting electricity costs


Easy integration of electrical devices from any space and any existing conditions

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